Keep Reading and Dream…


Keep reading and dream…


Page corner bookmark. Book: 100 Love Sonnets, Pablo Neruda. (French and Spanish Edition)


The 94th sonnet (If I die).


English version:

“Sonnet XCIV”
Pablo Neruda

If I die, survive me with such a pure force
you make the pallor and the coldness rage;
flash your indelible eyes from south to south,
from sun to sun, till your mouth sings like a guitar.

I don’t want your laugh or your footsteps to waver;
I don’t want my legacy of happiness to die;
don’t call to my breast: I’m not there.
Live in my absence as in a house.

Absence is such a large house
that you’ll walk through the walls,
hang pictures in sheer air.

Absence is such a transparent house
that even being dead I will see you there,
and if you suffer, Love, I’ll die a second time.

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