Museum Education “Gabriela Mistral”


Museum Education "Gabriela Mistral"

Museum Education “Gabriela Mistral”

The Museum of Education Gabriela Mistral was founded on September 13, 1941. Its aim is to present the history of education in Chile through the preservation and dissemination of educational heritage housed.

The museum has been located in different locations. Since 1981 the museum operates in the west sector of the old building of the Escuela Normal N°1 called “Brígida Walker” (opened in 1886). The building is located between Chacabuco and Compañía de Jesús streets in the Yungay District of Santiago, Chile.

In 1985, the building suffered structural damage due to the earthquake. For this reason, it suspended service to the public. Just in 2006 the museum reopened.

Link to Museum:

* Bookmark is a gift from my sister Cecilia, who studies Early Childhood Education.

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