Historia de un oso / Bear Story


“Story of a Bear” is a book based on the self-titled animated short, that won an Oscar Award this year.

The production was directed by Gabriel Osorio, who worked during four years with his team to tell a story that was inspired in the exile and family.

It is a story That tells the life of a big and old bear, and for awful it is sad Reasons and alone. The bear builds a diorama. While the magic box is being winded, a world built the bear With its own hands emerges. It is a remembering of past ITS happy life, When the bear was bear With its wife and Its circus bear are enslaved to it before and Took it out of ITS house to work whips and by receiving force.

The story is inspired by the exile of Osorio’s grandfather during the military government in Chile. He was separated of his family and he met his grandson when the kid was 8 years old. With the short film, spectators of other countries can understand the metaphor of their own past or humanity and others identifies the animal mistreatment.


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